You are watched!

Finicky about that missing nuance in an otherwise stunning party- wear? May be you are the one to whom making a style statement is more than a dabble. How many times have you thought your churidar or Lehanga doesn’t pass for a stitch above the rest? After all, whom in this world would you trust even to make a slight alternation in your ‘best of this world’ Anarkali? We are watching you at Niriksha.

About Us

Arguably there is only reason why you roll your eyes so much every time you visit a boutique. You need the eye-balls on your side. You need to look into every little thing.
God, or let’s say goddess lies in details. If that’s so we welcome you to the temple of fashion, trend and design! Niriksha, the brand new ethnic designer boutique comes with its unmatched store of designer-surprises.
Niriksha Bangalore Image
is your signature-style. We make is come out in the best way possible.

We are your trend watcher- How?

Niriksha, the exquisite ethnic designer boutique is all set to stun you with a dazzling range of Salwar Suits, Churidars Lehangas and Sarees. Next time, before you rush to a wedding, a party or any type of get-together, make sure that you step into our store and choose your pick. Some occasions demand the best in you. We also custom design your wear to suit them.


Show stealers

Choose when and where to reflect your new found looks. A marriage, a kitty-party, a family reunion or any kind of gathering, with a Niriksha-wear you are sure to get weary of admiration. Check our e-candy store for Sarees, Lehangas, Salwar Suits and what not?

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